Spiritual plays by Sri Chinmoy’s students

Last modified June 23, 2016

Sri Chinmoy encouraged his students to put on plays based on the stories he wrote over the years. Many of the plays are quite informal and unrehearsed, but Sri Chinmoy felt the joy that his students get from these performances really helped them spiritually.

We have so many born actors and actresses in our Centre! What other organisation can have such wonderful actors and actresses? I am very lucky and I am very proud of my spiritual children.

Your Master once forgot his line in a play. At the age of four or five, he had one line and he got frightened. Here I see little, little children performing. How many lines they can learn by heart! My children have made me so proud of their capacities.

Sri Chinmoy, from the book I thank You

People have such hidden capacities and qualities! Each play of mine that you perform reveals your capacities. Each time you perform, you reveal your inner talents.

Do not think that you are a bad actor. In informal, spontaneous performances, so-called bad actors give me abundant joy. When people forget their lines, they give me such joy. And when they say somebody else’s lines, and that person declares, “Those are my lines,” at that time also I get such joy!

Sometimes, the less you practise, the better. Spontaneous performances are so good!

I just plant a little seed. You have the capacity to cultivate it. First it becomes a tender plant, and then it turns into a huge tree with countless beautiful flowers and delicious fruits. See how you transform the little seed! The same thing we have to do in our spiritual life.

Sri Chinmoy, from the book Our sweetest oneness

The first play is performed by Boijayanti and friends; it is about a spiritual Master who leaves one of his disciples in charge of a centre meeting, but this disciple has aspirations to be a Guru himself! Based on ‘The Seance’ by Sri Chinmoy.

The second play is performed by Pradyot and friends. It is about faith and the power of a spiritual Master, Balananda. Based on ‘The Master-Chloroform’ by Sri Chinmoy.

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