Relaxation Music Channel 1

“The relaxation of the mind
Has given me two invaluable things:
The silence-breath of the inner world
The sound-life of the outer world.”

Sri Chinmoy

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01) Amare Diyecho – Arthada And Friends (Cosmic Dream)
02) Mangalamoy – Mountain-Silence (Every Time You Love)
03) Shunya Bakkhe + Sonar Harin – Aspiration-Flight (Ascending Cry)
04) Chander Paree – Shindhu (Shindhu 8)
05) Hath Ache Khali – Mountain Silence (Gratitude-Flower-Hearts)
06) ImprovisationAlap (Indian Summer)
07) Asim Amar – Sri Chinmoy Vision-Muse In Action (The Road Of Ecstasy)
08) Ai, Ai, Ai – Alap (Eternity’s Sunrise)
09) Charan Tale – Shindhu (Into The Infinite Beyond)
10) Atit Piche – Ananda (Ananda)
11) Amrita – Infinity’s Sky (Beauty Of The Blue)
12) Ke Nibe Go – Shindhu (Heart Lotus)

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Artists: Various
Release year: 2006
Duration: 53:41
Image: Kedar Misani
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy

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