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The Jewels of Happiness

The Jewels of Happiness welcomes us into a world of our own self-discovery and becoming a true citizen of the world, bringing forward our innate qualities such as peace, joy and hope. Each of the 17 chapters is read by a beloved world figure, including Desmond Tutu, and Carl Lewis.

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America the Beautiful

Reading this book will leave the reader with a whole new spiritual perspective on America, its founding, and its place in the world today. Sri Chinmoy shares his insights into the heart of the Founding Fathers, the soul and mission of America and its people, and related topics. The audiobook is read by Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss.

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“Every reader, whether American or any other nationality, will be moved . . . Through these writings, [Sri Chinmoy] takes his own place in the history and literature of America.”

Dr. James G. Basker
Professor of Literary History, Columbia University
President, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Sri Chinmoy’s books – read by the author


One of Sri Chinmoy’s most beloved books, Everest-Aspiration was compiled from a series of over one hundred extemporaneous talks given in the late 1970’s. 12 of these talks are featured here, read by the author.

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My Lord’s secrets revealed

Another book that is most dear to Sri Chinmoy’s students; these poems detail a series of sweet conversations, in which you can feel the deep closeness between man and God. In this audio track, Sri Chinmoy reads a selection of poems from the book.

Books by Sri Chinmoy’s students

Auspicious Good Fortune

A unique audiobiography by English writer Sumangali Morhall, describing the journey that led her to spiritual life.

“Here is the voice of a poet, speaking in prose – reaching always for the truth and beauty in things; and at a loss before ugliness, meanness and injustice. There is never a sense of embellishment or exaggeration – only authentic, keenly felt experience, related with a resonant and discerning sympathy.” (Melbourne Review)

Poetry meditations

For thousands of people, reading and hearing the lofty sentiments contained within Sri Chinmoy’s poetry has been a meditation in itself

Sri Chinmoy recites some of his best-loved poems

Meditative poems

read by Sri Chinmoy’s students

Meditation matters – a podcast

Prachar Stegemann from Canberra, Australia brings 30 years of meditation experience into these talks about every aspect of meditation imaginable. Now over 100 episodes available.

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Talks and Lectures

Sri Chinmoy gave lectures at universities all over the world, including all of the Ivy League universities, Oxford and Cambridge. Here we present some of his talks at universities and other places.

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