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Male accapella choir / Gregorian style chanting

The group Oneness-Dream is an international group of male singers led by Snatak Matthiasson from Iceland. Since 2011, they have toured Iceland, Myanmar, Finland, California, Scotland and Ireland.

These tracks are taken from the CD ‘In Vastness-Peace’, recorded during their 2011 tour of Iceland.

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Female acapella singing

Paree’s International group has been singing Sri Chinmoy’s songs without accompaniment for many years. Sri Chinmoy would often refer to them as the ‘children singers’, due to the fact the group started when many of its members were children.

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Sri Chinmoy talking about singing versus musical accompaniment:

When my disciples sing my songs prayerfully, soulfully and self-givingly, it helps so much! When the children sing at the tennis ground, or people sing my songs soulfully at other places, the singing aspect gives much more inspiration, aspiration and dedication to mankind than the music aspect. The music aspect has its grandeur, but many times it loses its pristine purity. If we lose pristine purity, we lose many things.

When you see the natural beauty of a tree, you get one kind of feeling. Inside your entire being you feel the Presence of God. But if Christmas lights are on the tree and it is covered with decorations, this gives you joy for a few minutes but that joy does not last. It gives joy to the vital, but it does not touch the very depths of the being.

Occasionally when a musician enters into his soul or his very depths, then his playing is absolutely as good as prayerful and soulful singing. But unfortunately, if I have to be very frank, most of the time that does not happen. I know that as a singer, I am far better than as a musician. When I sing soulfully and devotedly, my voice carries much more divinity than my instruments. My most favourite instrument is the esraj. But even my esraj is no match for my voice.

Sri Chinmoy (source)

Latin songs

Simplicitas Cordis is a recording of 45 poems of Sri Chinmoy translated into Latin by Ralph Lazzaro, Director of Language Studies at the Harvard Divinity School, and set to music by a Benedictine monk, in 1983. In this recording they are sung by an international group comprising students of Sri Chinmoy.

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Sri Chinmoy sings ‘Ami Jabo’ acapella

A recording from a 2005 concert in Milan, Italy.

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