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  • Mantric singing from Greece Concert

    Mantric singing from Greece Concert

    Soulful mantras sung at a recent Songs of the Soul Concert in Athens

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  • Seven Earth-Cries Ascend, Seven Heaven-Smiles Descend

    Seven Earth-Cries Ascend, Seven Heaven-Smiles Descend

    In this recording, Sri Chinmoy offers a seven instrument concert from 1979. During the concert, Sri Chinmoy played on some of his favourite instruments – The esraj, flute, cello, Bass flute, banjo, bell chimes and harmonium. He later gave a title to the concert “Seven Earth-Cries Ascend, Seven Heaven-Smiles Descend”.

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  • ‘The Goal Is Won’ – poetry recitals

    ‘The Goal Is Won’ – poetry recitals

    In this recording, Sri Chinmoy recites his poetry from a book The Goal Is Won (1974). The original 360 poems were written during a 24 hour period, starting from midnight April 28th, 1974. These audio recordings were made in 1978 and 1983, when Sri Chinmoy selected a few poems to soulfully recite.

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  • “Infinity’s Dream” – Mountain Silence

    “Infinity’s Dream” – Mountain Silence

    A live recording of Mountain Silence from Heidelberg in 1984. The recording captures the clarity and soulfulness of the voices and instrumental accompaniments. Originally published as an audio tape, we are now able to release in digital format.

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June 13, 2015

Meditation Mantras – Ananda

Audio files and scores free to download

A collection of short mantric songs, performed by the British music group Ananda. These song-mantras can be of great use as a meditation exercise.

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February 19, 2013

Guided Meditation – The vastness of the sky

A guided meditation exercise by Kaivalya Torpy, with musical backing by Ghandharva. This is a simple exercise to help visualise the vastness we can experience during meditation. Read more »

February 2, 2013

Guided Meditation – Breathing in peace and joy

In this guided meditation, Kaivalya offers a simple meditation exercise for breathing in peace. If you can practise this exercise for 5-10 minutes a day, it will help to calm your mind and energize your body.

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April 26, 2016

Guided Concentration – Vision and reality

A guided meditation focusing on concentration. The exercise is read by Kaivalya Torpy with background music by Alap Jetzer. The exercise is from the writings of Sri Chinmoy.
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Live Streaming Channels

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Channel 1 – Music of Sri Chinmoy Spiritual/World Music/Relaxation/Meditation Meditative recordings, talks, and recordings that carry the deep meditative consciousness that Sri Chinmoy brought to everything he did. Includes recordings of Sri Chinmoy singing some of the 22,000+ songs he composed, as well as performances from the 800 Peace concerts he held around the world.


Channel 2 – Relaxation and inspiration Inspirational/World/Relaxation/Easy listening Artists from around the world perform arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s songs in a wide variety of styles. New and old recordings from groups and musicians such as Mountain Silence from Switzerland, Shindhu and Temple-Song-Hearts from the UK, noted New York flautist Premik Tubbs and more.


Channel 3 – Meditation
Music, mantras, exercises and chanting
Meditative music and practical exercises that will help listeners to silence their mind and bring their heart to the fore. Some tracks feature the ancient mantra Aum, chanted by meditation master Sri Chinmoy to create inner harmony.


Channel 4 – Spoken Word
Interviews, reading, poetry & stories
Spiritual wisdom contained in Sri Chinmoy’s writings, now available in audio version. Interviews, meditation workshops, university talks and poetry readings, some by Sri Chinmoy and others by his students or friends.


Channel 5 – World Harmony Mix
Fusion/World/New Age
Sri Chinmoy’s music and recordings in tapestry with arrangements of his music by other artists, as well as music by other composers and artists. A balanced combination of calming soulful music and joyful inspirational recordings.

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Meditate with Shindhu

I have always found Shindhu’s arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music particularly conducive to meditation. There is a beautiful yearning quality to their music which always lifts my aspiration, and helps me yearn for The Supreme more deeply in my meditation. I hope you like this selection of my favourites.

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Sri Chinmoy

My play list ensures I listen to music and voices that enchant and allow me to sink deep into meditation. Please listen to the numbers during early hours while you are meditating or watching the day breaking!

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Songs and aphorisms on peace by Sri Chinmoy

Songs, aphorisms and talks on the theme of peace by Sri Chinmoy.

Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace.

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Selections from Pavaka Ensemble

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Relaxation Music

A selection of great relaxing music from groups within the Sri Chinmoy Centre. Includes some meditative tracks from Ananda, Mountain Silence, Shindhu, Temple Song Heart and Arthada. Perfect for meditation and relaxation.

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Power and soulfulness

A selection of powerful improvisations by Sri Chinmoy on both the piano and organ. If you sometimes have difficulty staying awake during meditation, these unique musical performances will take you beyond the mind into a new realm.

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Soulful classics

A selection of some classic soulful songs by a variety of different female groups. These songs are evocative of a very soulful and meditative feeling. The music is performed with great sensitivity and directness. It touches the soul and is a real tonic for those seeking a more spiritual aspect of life.

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  • Alap and Lucas in Greece

    Alap and Lucas in Greece

    A short performance by Alap Jetzer and Lucas on flute and percussion. Two accomplished musicians, Alap and Lucas weave a unique harmony of meditative music. The songs are based on the compositions of Sri Chinmoy. Alap has spent a lifetime perfecting the art of his music. He often builds his own instruments.

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  • Run to Tomorrow’s Sun – Premik

    Run to Tomorrow’s Sun – Premik

    This is an album published in the 1980s, produced by Premik and recorded at Mega Music Studios in New York. The recording was dedicated to a 9,000 mile run by Sri Chinmoy’s students through all 50 states during a seven month period in 1982. All songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy except “Morning: The God […]

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  • Two Performances From Dec. 31, 2016

    Two Performances From Dec. 31, 2016

    Sakshama, Sarvaeshwara and Sasha delight us with their soulful and sweet interpretations of Sri Chinmoy’s songs, and Paree’s Group delivers yet another sublime performance.

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  • Two Performances from Dec. 14, 2016

    Two Performances from Dec. 14, 2016

    Satyajit (earth-Bondage Liberation-Dream) and Bhashwar both delight us with their soulful recitations of Sri Chinmoy’s writings.

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  • Sri Chinmoy Plays the Chimes Vol. 2

    Sri Chinmoy Plays the Chimes Vol. 2

    Sri Chinmoy performs on the chimes – his second album on this percussion instrument.

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  • Interview with Dr. James Carse – ‘The Way to Go’ (1984)

    Interview with Dr. James Carse – ‘The Way to Go’ (1984)

    In this TV interview from 1984 Sri Chinmoy answers questions about meditation, spirituality and the difference between inspiration and aspiration. To open and close the interview, Sri Chinmoy performs on the flute.

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