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January 21, 2024

My Surrender-Life-Joy

This recording includes a concert by Sri Chinmoy given by the seaside, near the city of Davao, Philippines, on the island of Mindanao, on 12 January 1993. It includes 36 songs recently composed by Sri Chinmoy and sung unaccompanied.

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January 6, 2024

One Thousand Lotus Petals, Part 3

In 1999 Sri Chinmoy began selecting and recording one thousand of his favourite songs from the many thousands he had composed. Part 3 of “One Thousand Lotus Petals” brings the total in this series to 230 songs. He made this recording in his home on August 12th, 2007, accompanying himself on an electric keyboard. View all tracks »

December 7, 2023

Bhakti – Arthada & Friends

Bhakti is an album of meditative music by Arthada & Friends. It contains 14 tracks, which are composed by Sri Chinmoy and arranged by the members of Arthada & Friends View all tracks »

December 6, 2023

Ancient Hearts for Modern Minds

This is a recording of Sri Chinmoy singing his own Bengali songs accompanied with the harmonium from 1986. Sri Chinmoy precedes the singing, by reciting the English translation of the song. Read more »

November 8, 2023

“Nimeshe” CD by Infinity’s Sky

Nimeshe is a new CD by the British female ensemble group, Infinity’s Sky. It offers peaceful and soulful interpretations of Sri Chinmoy’s music on thirteen different tracks. View all tracks »

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Spiritual/World Music/Relaxation/Meditation: Meditative recordings, talks, and recordings that carry the deep meditative consciousness that Sri Chinmoy brought to everything he did.

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Music, mantras, exercises and chanting: Meditative music and practical exercises that will help listeners to silence their mind and bring their heart to the fore.

Interviews, reading, poetry & stories: Interviews, meditation workshops, university talks and poetry readings, some by Sri Chinmoy and others by his students or friends.

Fusion/World/New Age: Sri Chinmoy’s music and recordings in tapestry with arrangements of his music by other artists, as well as music by other composers and artists.

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