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February 22, 2019

Mantric Songs – Arthada and Friends

Mantic Songs by Arthada and Friends is an album of selected songs recorded between 2006 and 2011. The recordings include sacred mantras and invocations – including the Maha Mantra – a famous mantra with words by Sri Chaitanya and set to music by Sri Chinmoy. There are also two songs dedicated to Saraswati – the goddess of knowledge, music, art, and wisdom. View all tracks »

January 24, 2019

He Kabi (O Poet) – Adarsha Kelly sings acapella

In this recording, Adarsha Kelly sings Sri Chinmoy’s songs a capella, with incidental music in between tracks for ambience. Adarsha was encouraged personally by Sri Chinmoy in singing his devotional songs and has performed at sacred venues around the world, as part of the group Oneness-Dream. View all tracks »

January 17, 2019

Heart-Garden-Birds (Live)

This is a live recording from Baden Sebastianskapelle in Switzerland. It features 13 songs performed by the all-female group Heart-Garden Birds. The songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy.

The group is composed of several members from around Europe, who perform with a mix of musical instrument. In this recording, they offer a beautiful and soulful presentation of different songs from Sri Chinmoy’s repertoire. View all tracks »

December 23, 2018

Meditation Podcast #2: The Dot

With this exercise you learn to develop the power of concentration. Concentration helps us to silence our mind, which is a necessary step to enter into deeper meditation. Draw a dot on a piece of paper, hang it on the wall and begin!

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December 20, 2018

Meditation music from Sri Chinmoy’s students 2018 (updated)

This compilation of new music from Sri Chinmoy’s students offers a selection from albums published in 2018. In total there are 23 tracks from twelve different albums, which gives a glimpse into the different arrangements and interpretations of Sri Chinmoy’s musical compositions. It includes – a powerful solo acapella singing performance by Adarsha (on Oneness Dream) to more dynamic instrumental recordings from groups like Dinesh’s group, and the ethereal music of Heart-Garden-Birds. View all tracks »

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Best of Shindhu

Albums of Shindhu are for me always very special. This female group has not only beautiful angelic voices, but calming and relaxing arrangements. Pity, they recorded only 8 albums with such a nice music.

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