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April 17, 2018

Songs Celestial – Blue Flower

Three tracks from Blue Flower’s most recent album, which was recorded during a live concert in Reykjavik’s famous Frikirkjan church in Iceland. Blue Flower has been giving concerts of meditative music all across Europe and America for 15 years. Read more »

April 12, 2018

Sri Chinmoy’s students from the former Yugoslavian countries

This performance took place during our year-end Christmas retreat in Montenegro. Over 90 students of Sri Chinmoy from former Yugoslavia took part in this performance, which combined three of Sri Chinmoy’s short mantric songs in a choral arrangement accompanied by harmonium, piano and percussion. Read more »

April 1, 2018

Photographing Sri Chinmoy’s high meditations: a story

Pulak Viscardi was one of Sri Chinmoy’s photographers for many years, and always has an entertaining and illumining story to tell about his experiences with his spiritual Teacher.

During last years Christmas Trip (our year-end meditation retreat bringing together Sri Chinmoy’s students from around the world) Pulak told a story that began when, in the early days of Sri Chinmoy’s mission in the west, he asked for photographs not to be taken during a meditation function, as he was planning to go into a very high meditation and did not want to be disturbed.

The usual photographer at that time was Sarama Minoli, who was the first person to regularly take photographs of Sri Chinmoy in meditation and other activities. Sarama’s pictures – a couple of which can be seen here – capture the many different meditative states of a spiritual Master, at a time when he was entering into many new fields of endeavour – music, art, poetry, and athletics.

Sri Chinmoy in meditation, by Sarama (note: licensed according to CC-BY-3.0)

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  • A 40-year Blessing – Sarama’s story, on the Sri Chinmoy Centre website, of how she first became Sri Chinmoy’s disciple
  • Another story by Pulak related during a Christmas Trip in 2015 about Sri Chinmoy’s walking experiences, as well as reading two of Sri Chinmoy’s own stories on the same subject.


March 6, 2018

Bhagaban – Agnikana’s Group

This is the first published album of Agnikana’s Group, entitled “Bhagaban’. It offers a devotional and meditative arrangement of Sri Chinmoy’s music, featuring 16 tracks composed by Sri Chinmoy. View all tracks »

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  • Inspiration Flames in Concert

    Inspiration Flames in Concert

    A selection of Sri Chinmoy’s meditative songs by the Balkan group – Inspiration-Flames. These songs are performed and recorded during a live performance. The members are from Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia and give concerts around Europe. Artist: Inspiration Flames Name: Concert in Subotica Composer: Sri Chinmoy Release year: 2015 Duration: 00:54:20 Acknowledgements: Baridhi Tracks uploaded […]

    Read more »

  • Sri Chinmoy plays the Esraj 8

    Sri Chinmoy plays the Esraj 8

    This esraj recording was published on audio tape in 1979 and includes five Bengali songs.

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  • ‘Transformation-Dawn’ – Premik

    ‘Transformation-Dawn’ – Premik

    This is the first album recorded by Premik. “Transformation-Dawn”. It was made in a studio recording from 1980 in New York and originally published on tape.  The songs have been arranged by Premik Russell Tubbs. Madhurata Jetha Nai Ami Nai Where sweetness is lacking I am not there, I am not there. Sweetness-discipline and sweetness-worship, Sweetness-invocation […]

    Read more »

  • Piano Dreams, by Pratul

    Piano Dreams, by Pratul

    Pratul, a talented musician from Austria,  is not only a very good piano player since childhood, but also a very dedicated singer of Sri Chinmoy’s songs, performing with the music group Arthada and Friends. The instrumental arrangements on this recording are all compositions of Sri Chinmoy, and are very smoothing and inspiring.

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  • “Peace-Light-Delight” by Sri Chinmoy

    “Peace-Light-Delight” by Sri Chinmoy

    First released as an LP in 1977, Sri Chinmoy sings ten Bengali songs.

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  • Meditative music from Mahasamadhi Anniversary

    Meditative music from Mahasamadhi Anniversary

    Sri Chinmoy’s students soulfully commemorate the 10th anniversary of his passing.

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