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The relaxation of the mind
Has given me two invaluable things:
The silence-breath of the inner world
The sound-life of the outer world.

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy

Flute Meditation Music

Relaxation Music – Various Artists

Relaxation Music Channel 1

Artists from all over the world interpret Sri Chinmoy’s music in this diverse collection – first in a new series of Radio Channels for relaxation.
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Sacred Dawn

Shindhu’s music is very calm, soothing with an ethereal, heavenly touch.
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Every Time You Love

A gentle and refined album of Sri Chinmoy’s songs, arranged by the world-class ensemble from Switzerland: Mountain-Silence.
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Utsava Heitz


Ogo Paramesh

An album of Sri Chinmoy’s songs arranged by Utsava Heitz of Germany. Instruments include flute and harmonium. Listen Now!

Arthada Platzgummer


Cosmic Dream

A meditative recording of Sri Chinmoy’s music, arranged by Arthada and Friends of Austria.
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British group with vocals, harmonium, esraj and guitar.
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Infinity’s Sky


Beauty Of The Blue

A gentle dream-like blend of Sri Chinmoy’s songs, arranged for voice and keyboard by Russian group Infinity’s Sky.
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Radio Sri Chinmoy has a wide range of meditation and uplifting music ideal for relaxation. You can listen to these free online music recordings to help relaxation. They also can be used in meditation.This is a selection of some of the best relaxing music on the site.


On Relaxation

by Sri Chinmoy

“Relaxation is self-expansion.
Relaxation is receptivity-efficiency.
To relax is to gloriously enter into the heart-door of the Beyond.
Relaxation sings with perfection-birds and dances with satisfaction-angels.
Relaxation knows not impossibility’s laughter. Relaxation knows only inevitability’s smile.
When man in God relaxes, God in man immediately enhances.”

From: Silver Thought Waves Part 2 by Sri Chinmoy

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