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March 25, 2013

Guided Meditation – The heart-rose

A guided meditation exercise, which focuses on a visualisation of a rose inside our heart. The exercise is spoken by Kaivalya Torpy with background music from Shindhu. Read more »

August 25, 2012

Meditation exercises

A recording of guided meditation exercises. These exercise are a useful tool for those interested in starting to learn how to meditate.

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June 9, 2013

Guided Meditation – Candle Flame

A very simple and powerful meditation exercise, which helps us to identify with the beauty, light and radiance of our soul. The exercise is taken from the writings of spiritual Teacher, Sri Chinmoy. The exercise is recited by Kaivalya Torpy. Read more »

October 26, 2012

Ascendant Journey

This recording has been produced to offer an audio aid to meditation and contemplation. The recording by Sri Chinmoy features sounds and music conducive to creating a calm and relaxing environment.

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A Taste of India

Some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs performed with Indian style instruments, such as the sitar, tambura, harmonium and tabla. Include groups such as Vedic Fire, and Adesh and Family.

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Music from ‘Sacred-Dawn’, an album by female instrumental group Shindhu

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Songs and aphorisms on peace by Sri Chinmoy

Songs, aphorisms and talks on the theme of peace by Sri Chinmoy.

Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace.

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Relaxation music II

A selection of Sri Chinmoy’s meditative music, useful for relaxation.

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You Belong With The Wild Flowers

I love to relax and meditate to a calming music. Not something that is like violin or guitar but a soothing piano or the natural sounds of the forest.

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Sri Chinmoy Flute Music

Some of Sri Chinmoy’s flute performances. Great music for meditation.

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