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Peace Concerts: In over 800 concerts worldwide, Sri Chinmoy created a profound atmosphere of peace. More »

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  • Perfection-Dedication


    This album features 17 tracks of Sri Chinmoy singing accompanied with the harmonium. They include some of Sri Chinmoy’s best known songs, such as Hiya pakhi, Ore mor kheya and the last track a rousing rendition of Ami jabo.

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  • Sri Chinmoy plays the esraj 9

    Sri Chinmoy plays the esraj 9

    This esraj recording was originally published on audio tape in 1980 and includes eight Bengali songs. Sri Chinmoy started playing the esraj in 1976 and soon became Sri Chinmoy’s favourite instrument.

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  • Guided Concentration – Vision and reality

    Guided Concentration – Vision and reality

    A simple exercise to improve your concentration

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  • Temple-Song-Hearts in Meditation Garden

    Temple-Song-Hearts in Meditation Garden

    This is a live recording of Temple-Song-Hearts female group made in 2014 while visiting Czech Republic and Slovakia. The recording was made on 5th July, from ‘Meditation Garden’ in the city of Zlín. During their tour of Czech Republic and Slovakia, Temple-Song-Hearts visited Ostarva, Bratislava, Brno and Prague where they performed in Museum of Music.

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April 15, 2016

Guided Meditation – Child of God

This is a guided meditation exercise, based on the writings of Sri Chinmoy. It is an exercise to make us feel a divine child of God. The exercise is narrated by Kaivalya Torpy, featuring the music of Alap Jetzer in the background. Read more »

January 1, 2013

Guided Meditation – Breathing Excercise

In this recording, Kishore Cunningham offers a simple guided meditation exercise, to help beginners focus on their new meditation practise. The guided meditation also has relaxing music, recorded by Swiss musician Alap to help create a meditative atmosphere.

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July 10, 2012

Journey Beyond Within

This recording has been produced to offer an audio aid to meditation and contemplation. The recording features sounds and music conducive to creating a calm and relaxing environment. Over the top of background music, Sri Chinmoy recites inspirational words and imagery related to the process of meditation and the inner seeking.

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June 13, 2015

Meditation Mantras – Ananda

A collection of short mantric songs performed by the British music group Ananda. These song-mantras can be of great use as a meditation exercise.

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Live Streaming Channels

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Channel 1 – Music of Sri Chinmoy Spiritual/World Music/Relaxation/Meditation Meditative recordings, talks, and recordings that carry the meditative consciousness that Sri Chinmoy brought to everything he did. As well as composing over 22,000 songs, Sri Chinmoy also performed concerts of Peace Music on many different instruments. For Sri Chinmoy, soulful music was the next best thing to meditation.


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Channel 2 – Relaxation and inspiration Inspirational/World/Relaxation/Easy listening Artists from around the world perform arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s songs in a huge variety of styles and genres. This channel features a collection of new and old recordings from music groups and musicians such as Mountain Silence from Switzerland, Shindhu and Temple-Song-Hearts from the UK, noted New York flautist Premik Tubbs and more.


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Channel 3 – Meditation
Music, mantras, exercises and chanting
Meditative music and practical exercises that will help the listeners to silence their mind. Some tracks feature the ancient mantra Aum, chanted by meditation master Sri Chinmoy to create inner peace and harmony.


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Channel 4 – Spoken Word
Interviews, reading, poetry & stories
Spiritual wisdom contained in Sri Chinmoy’s writings, now available in audio version. Some recordings are of Sri Chinmoy himself, some are read by his students or friends. Also contains interviews, meditation workshops, university talks and poetry reading by both Sri Chinmoy and others.


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Channel 5 – World Harmony Mix
Fusion/World/New Age
Sri Chinmoy’s music and recordings in tapestry with arrangements of his music by other artists. A balanced combination of calming soulful music and joyful inspirational recordings. Also some music by composers and artists other than Sri Chinmoy.

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Good mood

Selection for creative and positive thinking.

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Female groups

Very soulful songs! 🙂

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Yogamaya playlist

Sri Chinmoy’s mother, Yogamaya, an extremely spiritual and God-dedicated soul, was born on April 8. The first song on the playlist is one that Sri Chinmoy wrote about her.

The playlist also contains some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs – performed both by him and his students, containing the word janani, which means mother in Sri Chinmoy’s native tongue.

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Sunset workout at President Bill Clinton library bridge

“Purity Won, Everything Won.
Purity Lost, Everything Lost”

Sri Chinmoy

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Songs about the Christ

The first song is Jishu Kristo, sung by Sri Chinmoy. There are also songs about the Christ performed by Agnikana’s Group and Mountain Silence. We finish with some traditional Christmas Carols, and a “Thought of the Day” – on the spiritual significance of Christmas by Sanjaya.

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A Taste of India

Some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs performed with Indian style instruments, such as the sitar, tambura, harmonium and tabla. Include groups such as Vedic Fire, and Adesh and Family.

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Music from ‘Sacred-Dawn’, an album by female instrumental group Shindhu

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