About Inspiration-Sounds

Down through the ages stories have played an integral role amongst the vast communities of the world. Whether to instruct, shape or simply inspire us, stories from the ancient Vedic seers to the present day have helped build the world we live in. They offer us the ability to see the future, and the time to remember the past.

For anything is possible in a story so long as the writer can imagine it and the reader can believe in it. Here we are able to explore new worlds, trust new ideas, learn new lessons and thus gain a deeper insight into ourselves and our surroundings.

All the stories of the world are woven together using a common thread. For no matter where the story comes from the basic values and principles hold true to us all. As stories have a common thread, we all share a common source. Just as all the rivers flow towards the ocean, stories can carry us to that source of human understanding and aspiring ideals.

The stories of Sri Chinmoy are at once grand and majestic, simple and sweet. And as we read about the village idiot or the powerful king, we can feel ourselves being pulled as if by an invisible thread towards our common source, the ocean of light. His very words can breath life into the stagnant mind and bring hope and joy into the aspiring heart. Sri Chinmoy’s stories sweep down through the ages with ancient wisdom and childlike insight covering every form of the human condition. From despair and anguish, to love and delight, his stories serve as guiding notes in the melody of life. They remind us all that we are not human beings having a human experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

I do hope that you enjoy the stories and gain as much joy and inspiration from listening to them as I do reading them.

Budhsamudra Knox (Editor)
Wellington – New Zealand

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