Excerpts from “In Vastness-Peace” CD

Last modified February 24, 2012

Excerpts from recordings of a choir of Sri Chinmoy’s students touring Iceland in 2011. The selected excerpts feature songs on the Christ and about Peace.

Here are some of the notes from the CD jacket:

“It began with the inspiration of one man, Snatak Matthiasson, in Iceland. Snatak is a classically-trained pianist and runs the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre in Reykjavik and owns Sangitamiya – The Nectar-Music, a specialist music store in the city ) where Bjork and Sigur Ros are regular customers). As a singer, Snatak has a repertoire of many hundred devotional songs composed by Sri Chinmoy, his spiritual teacher, who passed away in 2007.

Health problems meant Snatak could no longer give full voice to the songs himself, but he was inspired to bring together a male voice choir of his friends from all over the world to perform a selection of Sri Chinmoy’s song-offerings in churches throughout Iceland.

Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 songs, mostly in his native Bengali and in English, each song like a leaf on the tree of life, an aspect of the myriad beauty and bounty of God’s universal and transcendental Being.

Since 1973, Sri Chinmoy visited Iceland on seven occasions, offering three Peace Concerts, three public lectures and two pipe organ performances..”

We hope that you all enjoy the magnificent beauty, soulfulness, power and majesty of these performances.

-Kamalakanta Nieves


Artist: Sri Chinmoy Centre
Name: In Vastness-Peace
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 2011
Duration: 0:47:40
Tracks uploaded and published: Kamalakanta Nieves | Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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