Concerts of Sri Chinmoy


Since 1984 Sri Chinmoy has give over 750 concerts in venues from around the world. This has included concert in the Royal Albert Hall London, New York’s Carnegie Hall, San Francisco’s Davies Hall, Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan, and the Sydney Opera House.

Sri Chinmoy plays on a variety of instruments, during a typical concert he will play on 15-20 instruments, but on occasion has played many more. His favourite instruments include; the flute, Esraj, Cello, synthesizer and piano. Sri Chinmoy says the aim of his music is not so much to excite the listener but to offer a meditative experience. Sri Chinmoy sees music as the universal language of a heart. We may not understand other people’s language but music shares a common source of understanding. Many of Sri Chinmoy’s concerts have been dedicated to World Harmony.

The repertoire of Sri Chinmoy varies considerably. With some instruments he invokes haunting peaceful melodies; they embody great simplicity and seek to bring to the fore the inner silence, inherent in meditative music. However his performances on the organ and synthesizer embody great dynamism and power. They have a quite different energy but at the same time embody a transformative power.

Some of Sri Chinmoy’s concerts have been played to large audiences of over 5,000 people. The largest concert was in Montreal with 19,000 people in attendance. Other concerts are to smaller audiences and are often combined with other artistic activities such as his Jharna Kala artworks.

Music of Sri Chinmoy

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Photo by Kedar Misani Hamburg 2005

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