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Submitted by Gini Germany

Musica para meditação (music for meditation)

Submitted by Rúbia Brasília

Adorei essas musicas para meditação (I love this music for meditation)

Flauta (flute) Sri Chinmoy

Submitted by Fernando Brasil

Meditation flute

Submitted by Rob USA


Paree’s Group

Submitted by Vilupti Vancouver, Canada

Bills list

Submitted by Bill Ban007 Montreal


Submitted by Sunil Kumar India



Submitted by Uthayakumar Norway


Submitted by Sarasvati Chisinau

Musicas inspiradoras

Submitted by Karen Naka Japan

Best of Shindhu

Submitted by Ashish Czech Republic

Albums of Shindhu are for me always very special. This female group has not only beautiful angelic voices, but calming and relaxing arrangements. Pity, they recorded only 8 albums with such a nice music.

Songs about the Christ

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford, Great Britain

The first song is Jishu Kristo, sung by Sri Chinmoy. There are also songs about the Christ performed by Agnikana’s Group and Mountain Silence. We finish with some traditional Christmas Carols, and a “Thought of the Day” – on the spiritual significance of Christmas by Sanjaya.

Music of the Aspiration-Heart

Submitted by Cristina Malveira Nhandeara, Brasil

Jharna-Kala Art Songs

Submitted by Ashish Czech

Songs dedicated to “Jharna-Kala” art (Fountain Art). Name Sri Chinmoy has chosen for his artwork. It is a Bengali expression and signifies art flowing from the source of creation, flowing from the inspiration the artist receives in his meditation.

Classic Premik and friends

Submitted by Virginia

Traditional Sri Chinmoy running and walking music. By Premik and friends.

Meditação do Ric

Submitted by Ricardo Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Submitted by Satkruti Seattle, USA


Submitted by Eder BRAZIL