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Deep, meditative and sweet

Submitted by Jayasalini DK

Backseat Drivers

Submitted by Enthusiasm Songs New York, USA

The best.. of. . The World..

Submitted by Thomas Müller 49545 Tecklenburg west germany

Músicas Zen

Submitted by Susana Fabrício Rocha Canoas


Submitted by Mahatapa New York

Sing along songs for seekers

yoga music

Submitted by morena Cassina Valsassina (lc)

Ricerca di musica per una playlist da inserire nel ascolto delle asanadi yoga sciamanico.

Songs about Peace by Sri Chinmoy

Submitted by Tejvan Iceland

Songs on the theme of peace by Sri Chinmoy. Including both English songs and songs in Sanskrit. Includes meditative track ‘Shanti’ from the album “Inner and Outer Peace”

Sri Chinmoy reads New Year’s Messages

Submitted by Parvati New York

Interviews with Sri Chinmoy

Submitted by Ashish Czech Republic

Fragrance freedom

Submitted by Roz Santa Rosa USA

Guru’s music of yesteryear


Submitted by Gini Germany

Musica para meditação (music for meditation)

Submitted by Rúbia Brasília

Adorei essas musicas para meditação (I love this music for meditation)

Meditation flute

Submitted by Rob USA


Paree’s Group

Submitted by Vilupti Vancouver, Canada

Interviews with Sri Chinmoy

Submitted by Ashish Zlín

Instrumental music

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford

Instrumental performances by students of Sri Chinmoy.


Submitted by Sunil Kumar India



Submitted by Uthayakumar Norway