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Meditação do Ric

Submitted by Ricardo Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Submitted by Satkruti Seattle, USA


Submitted by Eder BRAZIL


Submitted by Peterson Claro São Paulo, Brazil

I started to listen all different songs without a specific topic in mind. I will save my favourites to listen while adding new ones. Then, I can break this list in some topics to be of better use for others.

Agnikana’s Group

Submitted by Trudy Onehunga, Auckland

Blue Flower

Submitted by rodrigo brazil

Sri Chinmoy Flute Music

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford

A selection from some of Sri Chinmoy’s flute performances. The playlists offers insight into the diveristy of Sri Chinmoy’s flute performance. It is suitable music for meditation.


Gratitude BR

Submitted by Karen Naka São Paulo

windows media player

Submitted by Johann Poulin Canada Ontario

My player list is with window

Guru 2

Submitted by Sveinn Reykjavik

peace of mind

Submitted by Deepak Bettiah, India

I want peace of mind

Шри Чинмой поёт в ООН (Sri Chinmoy sings at the UN)

Submitted by Михаил (Mikhail) Russia

Meditation song

Submitted by Samip munjani India


Submitted by Jenna California

Very peaceful

Музыка гармонии (Harmony music)

Submitted by Еlena Russia

Эти мелодии помогают мне лучше почувствовать гармонию с Высочайшим Источником мироздания.
Надеюсь, что другие слушатели смогут ощутить отклик своей души на эти гармоничные композиции.


Submitted by Pranayani Holland

This is a very special and beautiful organ performance. Full of deep, rich and flowing sounds surrounded by delightful and heavenly lighter parts. Good for meditation or keeping you awake when needed!


Submitted by Narendra As card



Submitted by Tejvan Oxford, UK

Songs about Jesus Christ