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meditation music

Submitted by Naidu Visakhapatnam, India

Good for health

Mantras for meditation

Submitted by Elisabeth London, England, UK

I’m a beginner trying to follow a course and making a list of the mantras in the order we’ve chanted them in class.

This is a collection of mantras and simple songs that are good for mantra meditation and learning to sing spiritual songs.

A Taste of India

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford, UK

Some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs performed with Indian style instruments, such as the sitar, tambura, harmonium and tabla. Include groups such as Vedic Fire, and Adesh and Family.

Highlights from Sri Chinmoy’s Peace Concerts

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford, Great Britain

Sri Chinmoy gave 777 Peace Concerts around the world. These are some of my favourite recordings from these concerts – featuring singing, esraj, flute, piano and other instruments.

Meditate with Shindhu

Submitted by Adam Sheffield, Great Britain

I have always found Shindhu’s arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music particularly conducive to meditation. There is a beautiful yearning quality to their music which always lifts my aspiration, and helps me yearn for The Supreme more deeply in my meditation. I hope you like this selection of my favourites.

Sri Chinmoy

Submitted by Vijai Sastry Chennai, India

My play list ensures I listen to music and voices that enchant and allow me to sink deep into meditation. Please listen to the numbers during early hours while you are meditating or watching the day breaking!

Songs and aphorisms on peace by Sri Chinmoy

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford, UK

Songs, aphorisms and talks on the theme of peace by Sri Chinmoy.

Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace.


Submitted by Tom Edinburgh, Scotland

Selections from Pavaka Ensemble

Relaxation Music

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford

A selection of great relaxing music from groups within the Sri Chinmoy Centre. Includes some meditative tracks from Ananda, Mountain Silence, Shindhu, Temple Song Heart and Arthada. Perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Power and soulfulness

Submitted by Tom Edinburgh, Scotland

A selection of powerful improvisations by Sri Chinmoy on both the piano and organ. If you sometimes have difficulty staying awake during meditation, these unique musical performances will take you beyond the mind into a new realm.

Soulful classics

Submitted by Tom Edinburgh, Scotland

A selection of some classic soulful songs by a variety of different female groups. These songs are evocative of a very soulful and meditative feeling. The music is performed with great sensitivity and directness. It touches the soul and is a real tonic for those seeking a more spiritual aspect of life.

Good mood

Submitted by Ashish Czech Republic

Selection for creative and positive thinking.

Female groups

Submitted by Erdenesaikhan Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Very soulful songs! 🙂

Yogamaya playlist

Submitted by Svetlana Omsk, Russia

Sri Chinmoy’s mother, Yogamaya, an extremely spiritual and God-dedicated soul, was born on April 8. The first song on the playlist is one that Sri Chinmoy wrote about her.

The playlist also contains some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs – performed both by him and his students, containing the word janani, which means mother in Sri Chinmoy’s native tongue.

Songs about the Christ

Submitted by Tejvan Oxford, Great Britain

The first song is Jishu Kristo, sung by Sri Chinmoy. There are also songs about the Christ performed by Agnikana’s Group and Mountain Silence. We finish with some traditional Christmas Carols, and a “Thought of the Day” – on the spiritual significance of Christmas by Sanjaya.


Submitted by Kamaniya Little Rock Ark.

Music from ‘Sacred-Dawn’, an album by female instrumental group Shindhu

Relaxation music II

Submitted by Adam Paris, France

A selection of Sri Chinmoy’s meditative music, useful for relaxation.

A few soulful songs

Submitted by Nirbhasa Reykjavik, Iceland

These are just a few songs that have cought my attention recently while I was browsing through the site.