“Ami Chinmoy Mangalamoy” – composed by Sri Chinmoy

Last modified November 10, 2008

In this recording, T. Bayasgalan gives a performance of Sri Chinmoy‘s song, “Ami Chinmoy Mangalamoy“. The recording is in honor of the first Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s Mahasamadhi.

For many years, Sri Chinmoy had a dream of visiting Mongolia. His dream of visiting Mongolia became a reality in May 2007, and Sri Chinmoy was warmly received by the people of Mongolia. Sri Chinmoy met many distinguished statesman and offered musical concerts, and an exhibition of his paintings was very successful.

Here are some notes from Deeldar Sedjav as to how this performance by T. Bayasgalan came about:

“It was a unique experience – participation of Bayasgalan in the concert, dedicated to the first anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s last public concert in St.Petersburg, Russia.

It was a vision of Ariunaa, a Mongolian student of Sri Chinmoy from Ulaanbaatar, who wanted Sri Chinmoy’s songs “to feed people’s souls” via renowned singers. In April this year she contacted Bayasgalan explaining that on the first Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s historic visit to Mongolia, she would like to offer a gift to all spiritual seekers of Mongolia via recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s songs performed by a renowned singer. Bayasgalan was so struck by her idea she agreed to perform free of charge. Ariunaa meanwhile, had decided that every year in May, Sri Chinmoy’s songs sung by famous singers, be played on FM radio stations. So the first song — Magi Ami — was recorded and then played some 450 times on several FM radio stations from the 14-24 May – the days Sri Chinmoy visited Mongolia last year.

When Russians had invited Ariunaa to a charity concert, dedicated to Sri Chinmoy’s last public concert, Bayasgalan again agreed to perform free of charge.”

– Deeldar

We are grateful to T. Bayasgalan and to all of Sri Chinmoy’s students in Mongolia, and especially to Ariunaa, for this soulful and illumining offering.

Artist: T. Bayasgalan
Release year: 2007
Duration: 4:18
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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