Aspiration Cry CD 4-6

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Aspiration-Cry is an album of meditative performances by Maestro Sri Chinmoy. Originally recorded in 1985, it includes a variety of performances on instruments such as the Western Flute, Zither and Koto.


“Aspiration-Cry”, CD 4-6
1985, 2007

Dear listeners, in these three CDs from Aspiration-Cry, Sri Chinmoy explores musical/spiritual landscapes of sweetness and great spontaneity, imagination and freedom.

The 4th Aspiration-Cry CD ( in this series of 9 CDs) is full of sweet, soft and tender performances on Western Flute, Zither and Koto.

CDs 5 and 6 are all performances on different synthesizers. Sri Chinmoy was an extraordinary artist and musician; both his artwork and his music exemplify an openness and multiplicity of artistic landscapes and ideas that is truly encompassing in its scope and reach. And yet, a lyrical and spiritual vein flows through these works of art; it is the intense inner cry that Sri Chinmoy calls “aspiration”. It is an inner longing for something higher and deeper; for the fulfillment of the Divine and Eternal in this transitory world.

It is the same essence that gives beauty to a flower, light to the sun, and effulgence to the stars; the same essence that gives the ocean its expansiveness, the moon its soft brilliance and the face of a child its divine glow.

It is the light of the soul, permeating Sri Chinmoy’s works of art, that moves us to feel peace, light and bliss while enjoying them. This is the source of the sweetness and peacefulness of this music, for Sri Chinmoy always composed and performed music in a meditative state, where the mind is quiet and the heart blossoms into a beautiful and fragrant flower of divine love.

His music is, then, a revelation of the inner beauty, light and fragrance of the human soul, the spiritual in us that elevates us to a higher plane of consciousness, where we grow into our true essence.

We are grateful to Sri Chinmoy for these soulful and illumining offerings.

Aspiration Cry CD1-CD3

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1985, 2007
Duration: app. 2 hours 15 minutes
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding


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