Aurobindo vs. Sri Aurobindo

Last modified August 19, 2015

In this recording, Sri Chinmoy reads from his book: “Aurobindo vs. Sri Aurobindo”.

Aurobindo — the boldest revolution.
Sri Aurobindo — the quickest evolution.”

– Sri Chinmoy [ref]

Sri Chinmoy also sings songs dedicated to Sri Aurobindo. The final track is his favourite song about Sri Aurobindo –  ‘Sri Aurobindo Kandari tumi bhava taranir‘ Sri Chinmoy often sang this particular song at public Peace Concerts.

The translation of this song is:

Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aurobindo,
You are the Pilot Supreme of the world-boat.
You are the first beckoning Hand of the Supermind.
O Avatar of the era, you have paved
The Light-flooded road for us to travel.

– Sri Chinmoy

Aurobindo and Sri Aurobindo

In the early part of the Twentieth Century, the young Aurobindo was a leading light in the emerging Indian freedom movement. However, after spending time in jail awaiting trial (1908-09), Sri Aurobindo became immersed in spiritual practise and retired from public life to pursue spirituality. Sri Aurobindo set up a spiritual ashram in Pondicherry, Sri Chinmoy and his family would later move there in 1944. Sri Chinmoy spent 20 years in the Sri Aurobindo ashram before moving to New York in 1964. This recording shows the depth of devotion that Sri Chinmoy felt towards Sri Aurobindo.

Comment on the Album

by Kamalakanta Nieves, February, 2006

Sri Chinmoy’s adoring love for Sri Aurobindo cannot be fully expressed in words. The listener is bound to feel it in the tone of Sri Chinmoy’s voice.

Here are some poetic words by Sri Chinmoy about Sri Aurobindo:

“Sri Aurobindo’s is the supernal Smile that reveals at once the embodiment of an infinite achievement and the future spiritual destiny of mankind. Sri Aurobindo is the ever-creative silent bridge between God’s Will and His Fulfilment.”

– Sri Chinmoy [ref]

Perhaps the reader-listener can glimpse the unfathomable love of Sri Chinmoy for Sri Aurobindo from these words and from this recording.
Artist: Sri Chinmoy

Release year: 2006
Duration: 19:42
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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