Bhajan Balika

Last modified December 8, 2011

Bhajan Balika is a CD of short, soulful Bhajans sung by Sri Chinmoy. Bhajans are short devotional songs devoted to different Cosmic Deities and aspects of Divinity.

“Bhajan Balika” CD

This particular CD is excellent for meditation. Sri Chinmoy‘s voice carries in it a deep sweetness; a devoted sweetness. It is perhaps this quality, his devotion to the Divinity in humanity, that best defines his life of service here on earth. Sri Chinmoy worked untiringly to inspire himself and others to transcend perceived limitations and achieve greater heights that sometimes lie dormant in us. He called this process self-transcendence, and it is based on the inner feeling that the infinite, immortal Divinity exists inside all human beings. Therefore, we all must have infinite potential.

Through prayer and meditation and a life of service to humanity, these hidden capacities start blossoming, and we experience inner growth. Devotion means intense love. It is this love for the Divine that propelled Sri Chinmoy to serve untiringly, and it is the basis of his multifarious activities, initiatives and offerings to the world at large.

We hope you enjoy the sweetness embodied in these beautiful melodies, and that this feeling of inner harmony may carry you to new heights.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1998
Duration: 49:47
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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