Birthday songs and aphorisms

Last modified May 22, 2020

Here is a compilation of Sri Chinmoy singing and reciting aphorisms on birthdays, as well as his own composition “Happy birthday to you”. Below are a few additional written extracts on the inner and outer meaning of a birthday:

“Think of your birthday not only as a day of joy, but also as a day of promise.” -Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy valued and encouraged his students to value and celebrate their birthdays as special, where one can make more inner progress than most other days, as it represents the day the individual soul chose to start its journey in this life and renews its promise to the Supreme.

“A birthday is a day of joy and happiness. It is the day of the soul’s promise to the earth- consciousness or your own body, vital and mind… You have to utilise your birthday by balancing the inner and the outer life. You can meditate not only once, but several times. At least at three or four times you can be in silence. But if you remain only in the inner world you will neglect your friends. That will not be good because you have come into the world to be one with them. You have to manifest God inside your friends and your dear ones on earth.”

“On your birthday the soul comes to the fore with all its dreams of God-manifestation. When the soul gets the opportunity to come to the fore, the inner link that you have with God becomes strengthened. Therefore you feel that something very special is happening. This intensity is very good.”

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy, happy, happy birthday!
We love your soul’s rainbow-dream promise-play.

– Sri Chinmoy, Song-Flowers, Part 6 [song #27]



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  1. Hi folks,
    Typo on this page:
    …as it represents the day the individual soul to chose start its journey in this life…

    So the words ‘to’ and ‘chose’ should be the other way around.


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