Determination, CD by Kamalakanta

Last modified October 9, 2009

“Determination”, CD by Kamalakanta (2009)

Dear listeners, I wish to share with you a few unpublished arrangements of Sri Chinmoy‘s songs.

From the first day I started studying meditation with Sri Chinmoy, his songs have held a special place in my heart. My greatest delight at that time was to come home from school, grab his “Bela Chale Jai” songbook, turn on the cassette player, and sing along with him!

Sri Chinmoy always encouraged me to do arrangements of his melodies. As a matter of fact, it was not until 1983 that I first arranged one of his songs. That year, Sri Chinmoy suggested that my dear brother-friend, Sukhendu, and I should form a music group. Immediately I knew that I had to start arranging his songs.

I dream with these great performances by our band…and I have decided to continue to explore ideas which could be expanded and performed by our group, Sangit Tarangini, in future performances.

I feel in Sri Chinmoy’s music a very special and spiritual energy: his meditation. This music consoles my heart and elevates me to worlds of soul-beauty. They are full of inner charm and lustre, and you can feel in them an inherent sweetness, the sweetness of devotion. Sri Chinmoy’s music is, for me, the ultimate expression of my own inner self. I claim it as my own; I feel it is coming from the depths of my own heart.

You will notice different styles in these arrangements. This is because I try to let the musical ideas present themselves spontaneously, and to go along with the journey that each idea represents. In that sense, my music is highly intuitive; I am trying to let myself be guided by my sense of beauty, harmony, sweetness, soulfulness, softness and tenderness. These are my guiding lights.

I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do, and that it may be yet one more positive element in your day to day life. I find it very soothing and peaceful.

Artist: Kamalakanta
Release year: 2009
Duration: 1:12:00
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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