This CD is a collection of some of my favorite songs. Sri Chinmoy‘s music is for me a magical portal into the Infinite; I feel it is flooded with peace, light and bliss in infinite measure, thus it feeds me spiritually while I am singing or playing it.

When I make arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music, I feel two things:

First of all, I feel I am not the one who makes the arrangement. The ideas come intuitively, and if I am able to stay in that flow, even all the work on the arrangement, including orchestrating it, is a most intuitive process, playing by “feel”, letting our musical intuition guide us to make all the decisions.

Second of all, while I am playing with the music, I feel the music is also playing with me. I feel like a child, juggling spheres of light in different colors, and I derive great joy in the process.

I hope that this CD brings as much joy as it does to me. Enjoy!

Kamalakanta Nieves
May 2006