“Inspirations from Gandharva Loka” — Purnakama Rajna

Last modified March 9, 2009

Dear listeners, it is with great joy and pride that we present two of Sri Chinmoy‘s melodies, sung and played by Purnakama Rajna.

Purnakama’s voice is pristine and beautiful. It is really a delight to hear Sri Chinmoy’s melodies sung by her, and I fully expect to hear more from her in the future.

Here are some notes by Purnakama about herself and her music:

“I teach music and French to elementary school children; I live in the middle of the prairies of western Canada where the sky is so vast and open that you swear you can see right to the end of the country on a clear day. I am a classically trained clarinet and saxophone player, but my favorite way to express music has always been to sing with my guitar. It feels so natural, like it’s always been a part of me.

Sri Chinmoy’s simple and sweet melodies lend themselves perfectly for arranging for guitar and voice, and I am grateful to be able to express music and spirituality in this way.

I’ve given it the title Inspiration from Gandharva Loka because these are 2 of the songs that we performed with the Gandharva Loka Orchestra, and they really inspired me. ”

Artist: Purnakama Rajna
Release year: 2007
Duration: 7:48
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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