Karteek Clarke: prolific joke-teller

Last modified June 4, 2016

Karteek Clarke is a prolific swimmer of the English Channel, having swum the channel 11 times at the time of writing- a number few other swimmers have managed – In this recording, Karteek shows a lighter side to his nature and entertains us with a few quick jokes.

Earlier this year, Karteek once set out to break a Guinness World Record for telling the most number of jokes in an hour. He successfully broke the record, though Guinness later retired the record on the grounds it was too hard to decide what counts as a joke.

Sri Chinmoy really valued humour as an antidote to life’s pressure:

… joking is infinitely better than brooding and sulking and speaking ill of others — infinitely better! You are lightening yourself when you joke, when you enjoy the humour aspect. Is there anybody among the spiritual Masters who did not like jokes? Sri Aurobindo enjoyed humour very much. So did Sri Ramakrishna. All the spiritual Masters enjoyed humour.

Humour takes away the mental fever, not only the physical fever. To take away the fever that we have inside the mind, humour is the best medicine.

Sri ChinmoyBeyond likes and dislikes, 2012


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