Lotus Groves

Last modified November 8, 2020

Lotus Groves is an all-male singing group founded by Sri Chinmoy in the early 1970s. The leader of the group is Kanan Roberts, who owns a flower shop in Jamaica, Queens.

In this CD, the group perform twenty of Sri Chinmoy’s classic early songs. The group endeavour to capture the essence and spirituality of Sri Chinmoy’s songs in this offering.

The second song Ore mor kheya has the following translation

O my Boat, O my Boatman,
O message of Transcendental Delight,
Carry me. My heart is thirsty and hungry,
And it is fast asleep at the same time.
Carry my heart to the other shore.
The dance of death I see all around.
The thunder of destruction indomitable I hear.
O my Inner Pilot, You are mine.
You are the Ocean of Compassion infinite.
In You I lose myself,
My all in You I lose.

– Sri Chinmoy, Garden of Love-Light part 1

Recorded NY, 2004.

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