Sri Chinmoy Plays the Chimes Vol. 2

Last modified November 27, 2016

In 1975 Sri Chinmoy recorded two albums on the chimes – a percussion instrument with an array of large bells, housed in a tower and played from a keyboard. Since then he performed on this instrument at many venues and concerts.

Throughout the 1970s, Sri Chinmoy learnt to play various instruments and used to play them during meditations. Sometimes he created spontaneous improvisations, but mostly Sri Chinmoy performed his own simple compositions. On this album he plays some of the memorable songs as “Kata Usha Elo”, “Ekbar Shudhu Balo” or “Chalbo Ami”.

Kata Usha Elo
O, how many dawns
Have appeared and disappeared?
Yet, my sleeping world
Has not come to an end.

Ekbar Shudhu Balo
Tell me only once that You are mine
and I am Yours.
Your Smile of Love-Nectar
is the companion of my life and the light of my death.
In Heaven and on earth,
tell me only once that my heart
is Your Beloved Supreme.


Prayer before the beginning of meditative concert in Germany. Instrument chimes was one of few played during that performance.


Concert at Aspiration-Ground in 2007.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Sri Chinmoy Plays the Chimes Vol. 2
Release year: 1975 (MC)
Duration: 0:29:30
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Page Created: Ashish / Tejvan
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Photos by Prashphutita

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