“Sundara Hate”, album by Pierre Lantuas

Last modified May 9, 2012

Pierre Lantuas delights us with his interpretation of Sri Chinmoy‘s  songs

Dear listeners, in this album by Pierre Lantuas we have an extraordinary musician sharing his talent with us in a unique way. Sri Chinmoy’s melodies are full of inner light, peace and delight, and Pierre succeeds in serving this divine reality with his talent.

Pierre’s arrangements have a certain candor, brilliance and sweetness. One feels like it is not an adult, but a divine child who is offering these jewels of inner reflection and beauty.

Here are some of Pierre’s own words about himself and his music:

"Music, in many ways, has lifted my life.

I have the greatest interest for world traditional music’s, Classical music from the North of India, the rain of notes with the Kora from Mali, Strange but beautiful musical universes with Indonesian gamelan and sure enough from my native France. Music has the power to tell what words cannot. I started Harp under the impulse of my dad, and then opted for guitar, I always loved strings.

When I compose an arrangement on Sri Chinmoy’s songs I often have the feeling that I can recognize myself in that music clearer than I would in a mirror. It is always a very spontaneous process, one can definitely hear it. I value more spontaneous melodies than thoughtfully orchestrated one.

Starting to record has been a very educational process, not an easy one, but a path of modesty and patience.

I am extremely grateful to Sri Chinmoy for offering us these melodies emerging from the core of existence, Love."
-Pierre Lantuas Monfouga.

We hope you enjoy these musical jewels as much as we do.

with gratitude, Kamalakanta Nieves


Artist: Pierre Lantuas
Name: Sundara Hate
Release year: 2012
Duration: 55:42
Acknoledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Page created: Kamalakanta Nieves/Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding






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