“Vishnu Debata Vishnu” — Arrangement by Papaha Gosline

Last modified May 10, 2009

Dear listeners, it is with great joy that we present today an arrangement of Sri Chinmoy‘s song Vishnu Debata Vishnu, arranged and performed by Papaha Goslilne. Papaha performs this imaginative arrangement on a wind synthesizer.

His performance has a contemplative and expansive character, very conducive to meditation. We asked Papaha to provide us with some words about his music:

“I had many great experiences learning the flute in the 70’s and playing with students of Sri Chinmoy in San Diego and California in the 80’s, but eventually lost my enthusiasm because of the limitations of that particular instrument. Learning to use an electronic wind synthesizer has rekindled my fascination with playing and writing music! These instruments can produce everything I imagined in my own inner ear, from dancing sweetness to roaring power, when playing the flute years ago. It has also renewed my love for playing the flute once again and I hope to mix the two instruments as time goes on. I hope you enjoy these humble arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s lofty musical writings.”

Artist: Papaha Gosline
Image: Papaha Gosline
Release year: 2009
Duration: 3:21
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Papaha Gosline
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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