"Yearning For Your Lotus-Feet" – Kamalakanta Nieves

Last modified December 27, 2006

Sometimes we, as human beings, struggle against the forces of sorrow and hopelessness. Our human life can seem at times to be empty, bereft of promise and joy, and unable to change into something better, something more illumining and fulfilling.

Yet within each one us us lies dormant the greatest power of the Universe: our soul’s cry for the Highest, which manifests as a child’s cry in our heart of hearts.

This cry beckons God’s Compassion, Forgiveness and Grace like nothing else can. Like a mother, upon hearing her child crying, drops everything and attends to the child’s needs, in the same way God, when He hears our inner cry, runs towards us to come to our rescue.

This composition came to me at a time of inner crisis; perhaps it was the only way to express what I was feeling. The original title was just “Yearning”. I added the words “for Your Lotus Feet”, for shortly after this music came, God’s Compassion and Forgiveness flooded my life with blessings infinite…

(Dictionary definition of yearning: “deep longing, esp. when accompanied by tenderness or sadness.”)

This definition perfectly describes the feelings manifested through this music!

Here are some of Sri Chinmoy‘s poems with the word “yearning” in them:

“I am desperately yearning
For God’s blissful

If we do not have
A burning yearning,
We cannot succeed
Even in our ordinary human life.

The heart’s
Is God’s
Unrecognised hidden Power
In man.

Each aspiring heart
Has a sweet and unfading yearning
To be in God’s company.

My heart-yearning
Is flying towards Heaven.
How and why?
Because my God-Hour has struck!

Must be always ready
With God-willing arms
And God-yearning hearts.

Yearning for peace
Is nothing other than
Life -transformation-invocation.

O my soul’s rainbow-smile,
I am prayerfully yearning
For you to appear before me
For the illumination of my life.

My spirituality
My constant yearning
For something beyond.

Only a God-yearning cry
Can remove loneliness
From our minds
And insecurity from our hearts.

To please God in God’s own Way,
I need a learning life
And a yearning heart.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
May each morning be for me
A golden God-yearning, God-loving,
God-serving and God-manifesting
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

Courage does not mean
That you have to overlook
The hungry wolf.
Courage means
A sleepless yearning to overcome
The fear of the hungry wolf.

My soul tells me
That while I am indulging
In ignorance-sleep,
It will keep intact
My heart’s great yearning
To reach God’s
Transcendental Heights.”

-Sri Chinmoy

My gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for the birth of my aspiring life….

Kamalakanta Nieves
December 2006

Artist: Kamalakanta Nieves
Release year: 2006
Duration: 5:18
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Image: Kedar Misani

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