"3 Songs For Children" – Sukhdev Jean Lacroix

Last modified January 28, 2007

In previous publications we have presented the work of Sukhdev Jean Lacroix, a real genius in the music world. For example, his orchestral arrangement of the World Harmony Run Song was a pathfinder for many of us music enthusiasts.

Having no formal training in music, Sukhdev exhibits an uncanny genius, a fertile and varied imagination, and a great sense of orchestral beauty and balance. Sri Chinmoy has stated that meditation can help an individual become a better musician. I feel this is because meditation means to feel the presence of God in your heart, and God is the source of all music and art. Sukhdev is a great example of this sublime truth.

Today we have the great honor and pleasure of presenting three of Sukhdev’s arrangements for children; these are songs that Sukhdev heard when he was a child! In Sukhdev’s own words:

“I arranged 3 short songs for children. The first one was sung to me when I was very young, the melody is a variant of a known song, the lyrics might be from my mom since I could not find them on the Internet. Lyrics are:

Ti-Jésus, bonjour
Mes délices, mes délices
Ti-Jésus bonjour
Mes délices, mes amours

(Free translation by me)
Lil’ Jesus, good day
My delight, my delight
Lil’ Jesus, good day
My delight, my love

I must have been quite young since I have only a vague (yet powerful) memory of my mom singing it to me, only once I think. She woke me up one morning and dragged me into the living room and have me kneel down with her and we would look to a cross hanging on the wall while she sang. I was half awake but when I remember it today it gives me a sense of overwhelming purity and light, actually one of the most powerful events that I can remember. I had forgotten about that moment until recently and that is when I felt like doing an arrangement over the melody.

Then I remembered another melody (partial) that we kids used to sing when playing.”

Such beautiful memories Sukhdev shares with us through his music and his words! The arrangements are absolutely charming, and bring to our ears a world of innocence and purity. Our gratitude to Sukhdev for his soulful offering.

Kamalakanta Nieves
January 2007

Artist: Sukhdev Jean Lacroix
Release year: 2007
Duration: 3:43
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy

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