"Gratitude": Sukhdev Jean Lacroix

Last modified March 26, 2007

I have great admiration for Sukhdev. His music overflows with imagination, brilliant orchestrations and talent. Sukhdev has no formal training in music, but you cannot tell that by listening to his music; so full of musical culture and depth!

This CD, titled “Gratitude”, is a new release by Sukhdev. I believe it is his first full-length CD. Gratitude is a most important quality in the spiritual life. And we are sincerely grateful to Sukhdev for his music! These three tracks are a “sampler”. Here are Sukhdev’s notes to these three tracks:

1-China: Composed by Sri Chinmoy last Christmas Trip to China. China is in fact 2 songs that I have pasted together. First part is the song Chin ChinChin Chin. Second part is the song China China China China that I took the liberty to arrange at half the original speed. The first part of this piece wants to depict the simplicity, oneness and joy of the Chinese people, after Abhijit recalled his experience, when he met with some elderly Chinese people singing together in a park one late evening, with only the moon as a source of light. The second part of the piece is to explore the ancient cultural heritage of China- the dynasties and emperors.

2-Father, O Father: Personally, the most beautiful and meaningful song I have heard. Lyrics are:

Father, O Father
What do You do here in my heart?
“I dream My cosmic Dream.”

3-Bela Chale Jai: One of the first songs that I learned. I have always felt a sense of sour-sweet from the song. The lyrics are:

“My time is passing away.
My time is passing away.
O where are You,
My life’s last game?”

This “Gratitude” CD will be released in April of 2007. It contains 27 songs in 78 minutes of music. Here are some further notes by Sukhdev, about himself and his musical career:

“I have been performing Sri Chinmoy songs and music in public since 1984 within a Canadian music group called Shanti, playing the concert flute and the esraj – a bowed instrument from India – and more recently an Irish flute (Abell Whistle). After all those years where this music has been inspiring me musically as well as spiritually, I felt compelled to offer my interpretations and arrangements of some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs as a feeble token of my gratitude-heart.” – Sukhdev Jean Lacroix

We hope you enjoy this wonderful music as much as we do.

Kamalakanta Nieves
March 2007

Artist: Sukhdev Jean Lacroix
Release year: 2007
Duration: 6.4 minutes
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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