Bartika Jazz Group, Augsburg, June 2011

Last modified December 27, 2011


A soulful and dynamic performance from Bartika’s Jazz Group

Dear listeners, it is with great joy that we bring you this performance by Bartika’s Jazz Group, from a concert in Augsburg, Germany, on June 2011.

Bartika’s Jazz Group performs Sri Chinmoy‘s melodies in a combination of jazz, rock and pop styles. Their performances are full of dynamic joy and soulful spontaneity. It is uplifting to hear them sing and play with such enthusiasm!

Some words by Bartika about how this group was founded:

“The group was formed by Sri Chinmoy on April 2003 at Aspiration-Ground, after a singing session of Paree`s International Group. Sri Chinmoy used to call it Bartika`s Group or Jazz Girls, sometimes Girls Jazz.
Members are: Bartika, Aruna, Dipika, Shankara, Paree, Sudhira, Sahana, Charubala, Ragini. (Germany, Great Britain, USA, Austria, Switzerland)
After the first performances Sri Chinmoy encouraged the group to ‘play with more life energy and also to use Rock, Pop, Jazz and all that kind of modern music’ and so he created our style.”

We thank you for sharing your time with Radio Sri Chinmoy, and hope you enjoy the music as much as we do!


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