“Meditation-Sky” by Sri Chinmoy

Last modified December 9, 2011

In this album, originally recorded in the 1970s, Sri Chinmoy plays meditative compositions on his favourite instrument – the Esraj. The Esraj is a relatively unknown instrument outside of India, but Sri Chinmoy loved its soulful and haunting tones.

Throughout the last 43 years, Sri Chinmoy has tried to be of dedicated service to mankind through a wide variety of elevating activities and worldwide initiatives. These include music, art, literature, sports and humanitarian service.

Through these and other fields, he tries to make an unconditional and soulful contribution to the individual and collective development of humanity.

The basis for all these activities is his inner life of prayer and meditation. These are the source of his feeling of oneness and love for God and for humanity.

Sri Chinmoy feels that since God is in each human being, each person has an unlimited capacity. Combining dynamic, creative and soul-elevating activities in our inner and outer life is a way to make spiritual progress and lead a more fulfilling life here on Earth.

In this CD, which originally came out as an LP in the early 70’s, Sri Chinmoy plays the esraj, a lyrical Indian instrument, and sings accompanied by a tote-a-tune. While playing music, Sri Chinmoy meditates, and is able to infuse the music with a very peaceful, soothing and sweet vibration. This music is, therefore, very conducive to meditation.

Meditation enables us to get in touch with our innermost, highest reality. When we are able to go deep within, the qualities of Peace, Light and Bliss, which come from our soul, permeate our whole being, and give us the opportunity to grow consciously into a more blossomed consciousness. From this perspective of an awakened life, we can serve humanity more, in accordance with God’s Will.

This process of inner growth has been descriibed as an “unfoldment”. It feels literally as if one is “blossoming” inwardly. Music, especially meditation music, has the capacity to help us to go deep within and become one with our true, highest nature. We thus establish a friendship with our innermost self, with God.

Meditation helps us to bridge the gap between Earth and Heaven, between our inner life and our outer life.

We hope that this musical offering by Sri Chinmoy will be of service to all Truth-seekers and God-lovers on their way to the Ultimate Goal.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 2007
Duration: 33:25
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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