Celebrations, August 2009, Part 2

Last modified September 21, 2009

Celebrations, August 09, Part 2 Sri Chinmoy Students Perform Sri Chinmoy’s Songs

Dear listeners, We present you here with Part 2 of selections of performances by Sri Chinmoy‘s students, performed during our Celebrations for Sri Chinmoy’s birthday, which takes place every August 27.

Last week we published Part 1 of these selections from our August 2009 Celebrations. Born on August 27, 1931 in Bengal, India, Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to serving humanity, to try and inspire others to love God and to serve God.

Through his prayers and meditations, music, art, literature and sports, as well as humanitarian service, Sri Chinmoy strove to serve aspiring human beings in their quest for inspiration, aspiration and realisation. These selections are soulful and sweet, dynamic and playful, full of inner peace, light and delight. It is music imbued with the qualities of deep meditation based on love, love for God and for humanity, love for the highest in every human being. Many of these selections are conducive to meditation. We hope that you enjoy the inner beauty and peacefulness of this music as much as we do. From all of us at Radio Sri Chinmoy, thanks for listening to these soulful offerings.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy Students
Release year: 2009
Duration: 2:22:49
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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