“Soul-Flames” by Sri Chinmoy

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This album includes 13 songs with Sri Chinmoy singing, accompanied by the harmonium. The album was recorded on 13 April 1978 in New York, during Sri Chinmoy’s anniversary celebrations for his arrival in the West.

The songs express a range of devotional and spiritual themes and invoke a soulful and meditative atmosphere.

The title song of the album “Eso Ananda” has the following translation.

O Infinity’s Light,
Eternity’s Delight-Light,
Do descend into my hungry heart’s
Endless hunger.

The album was later published on LP in Zurich, Switzerland.

Back cover of Soul-Flames LP

“My songs are my inspiration, my aspiration and my realisation, plus manifestation.

Each song has the capacity to carry the sincere seeker, seeker-singer, into a realm of light, delight, peace, power or any attribute of Supreme one longs for. These are not mere words. They are not mere earthly melodies. These are living spiritual breath, immortal breath of my realisation.

So please take these songs as your true friends, unfailing friends in your spiritual life. You can have 2,000 friends: good friends, the friends that will not desert you, that only will help you at the time of your need. If you are depressed then sing some dynamic songs. If you sing soulfully, then you will have hundreds of aspiration-plants growing inside your heart.”

– Sri Chinmoy, from the back-side jacket of Soul-Flames LP

During those weeks of celebrations, Sri Chinmoy and his students participated in a variety of dynamic activities, including sport, music or other cultural activities as a circus, a parade in Manhattan or functions with plays. In addition to these activities, Sri Chinmoy also offered silent meditations and soulful music, such as this performance.

Some highlights from April Celebrations in 1978

April 2 (morning) – Meditation concert at the Holiday Inn in Cortland

April 2 (afternoon) – Meditation concert in Syracuse for 350 people

April 2 (evening) – Meditation concert at Unitarian Church in Binghamton for 100 people.

April 3 – Meditation concert at Purchase Country Club

Sri Chinmoy’s sister Lily from India, giving prasad to his students.

April 4 – Meditation concert at Adelphi University
April 5 – Meditation concert at Hofstra University

April 6 – Montreal Canada, participated in the International Fair of Religions and Philosophies at the Windsor Hotel where he meditated and played esraj for some four hundred visitors. Newspaper interview.
April 7 – Quebec City Canada, radio interview. Meditation concert at CEGEP Francois Xavier Garneau College for two hundred visitors.
April 8 – Meditation concert at New York University, prasad for 5th anniversary of Manhattan Centre
April 9 – Sri Chinmoy running part of 10-mile race in Wilton Connecticut

April 10 – Plays performances and poetry reading at Progress Promise gym
April 11 – Singing performances at Progress Promise
April 12 (morning) – Visitors plays performances and poetry reading at Progress Promise
April 12 (evening) – Meditation concert at St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University
April 13 – (morning) 7 and 10 mile races in Flushing Meadow Park.
April 13 – (afternoon) serious meditation at the Greenwich Civic Center in Connecticut. Signing new book Earth’s Cry Meets Heaven’s Smile- Part 3. Sri Chinmoy offered fourteen seven-minute meditation sessions.

April 14 (morning) – Special programme at the Church Center for UN in commemoration of the eighth anniversary of first meditation there.

April 14 (evening) – Meditation concert at Hunter College

April 15 (morning) – parade up Madison Avenue that ended in Central Park.

April 16 (morning) – swimming programme at the White Plains YMCA pool
April 16 (evening) – Circus performances by disciples at High School in the Bronx

April 17 – Meditation concert at Old Westbury, Long Island
April 18 – Meditation concert at Long Island University in Brooklyn
April 19 – Meditation at St. Paul’s Chapel
April 20 – Concert at New Platz

April 21 – Concerts at Geneseo in Rochester and Brockport NY
April 22 – Concert at Niagara University, visiting Niagara Falls
April 23 – concert at St. Bonaventure, a Catholic university where the mystic Thomas Merton had once raised. Second concert at Alfred University

April 24 – Start of cycling practice for Pepsi Marathon in NYC.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Soul-Flames
Release year: 1978 (LP)
Recorded by Music studio Beat Pfandler in Zurich, Switzerland
Duration: 0:43:00
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Tracks uploaded: Ashish  | Tejvan
Format: MP3
Photos: by Bhashwar and Sarama


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  1. Hi- for some reason track 12 of Soul-Flames is named Ekla Dekla but it is actually ESRAJ,ESRAJ. Guru’s Esraj song!!

    • Thanks


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