Inspiration Sounds 36

Last modified November 11, 2006

We are all looking for happiness in this world, as seekers we are searching for fulfilment in one form or another. Many people seek outer means to bring them this happiness – a new car, a new house, a holiday.

But those seekers who look inwardly, who look deep inside themselves discover that the journey along eternity’s road becomes much simpler and more fruitful. For lasting happiness and abiding satisfaction can only be found inside. So it is the nature of the seeker that is our theme for this week. I am joined by Uddipan Brown for this episode. Enjoy.

The Seeker And The Thief
This is a play taken from Sri Chinmoy’s book of plays entitled ‘The Heart Of A Holy Man’. One night a thief is caught in the cottage of an advanced seeker, in is haste to escape he drops a gold watch and a mango onto the ground. To his surprise the seeker picks them up and gives them back.

The Seeker Writer (part 1)
There was once a seeker writer who had written four most significant books. One was about animals, the second was about man, the third one was about himself and the fourth was about God. He then decided to read them out aloud to their respective audiences. This is an intriguing story about the various ways of a seeker. Part two will be next week.

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Artists: Budhsamudra Knox, Uddipan Brown
Release year: 2006
Duration: 18:18
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding


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