"Nirab Amare" – Arrangement by Kamalakanta Nieves

Last modified June 14, 2006

Certain songs by Sri Chinmoy hold their sway over me; they keep coming back to me again and again. This is the third or fourth arrangement of Nirab Amare that I have done, and it is perhaps the one that makes me feel the most peaceful when I listen to it.

Sri Chinmoy’s songs offer me solace and consolation; all my heart’s pangs disappear when I submerge myself in them. I find these songs extremely beautiful and moving, elevating and fulfilling in the purest sense of the term. I am extremely grateful to Sri Chinmoy for manifesting his meditation through music; it simplifies the process for me.

Sri Chinmoy’s music, which is the music of his aspiring heart, moves me in profound ways, and helps me identify with that reality which it is manifesting. This reality is my own highest nature, that which is most beautiful in my inner life; the cry for God, for Truth and Light.

My gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for his musical creation.

Here is the meaning of the song Nirab Amare:

“Silence me,
O Self-transcendent and Self-amorous One.
Silence me!
I shall before long start worshipping You
Inside the very depths of my heart
And You will keep me always
In Your fond Embrace.”
-Sri Chinmoy

Kamalakanta Nieves
June 2006

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