Sri Chinmoy‘s music gives me a reason to do music: to bring to the fore the inner beauty of my soul. This is perhaps the closest I can come to explaining why I do music, specially spiritual music, which I am solely dedicated to. Sri Chinmoy’s music consoles and illumines my life; all my inner and outer pangs dissolve into a cloud of bliss, and I feel happiness growing in my heart. This happiness I can then share with my dear ones, with my community, with humanity at large.

In this recording you will hear two of Sri Chinmoy’s songs combined: Achhe Phul Phute and Bikka Magi Bikka. One song is asking God for what it needs, and the other one is expressing the result of that Grace: the blossoming of the heart-flower. Enjoy!

Oh my Lord Supreme,
I implore Your alms divine.
Do initiate me, my earth-bound life.
Oh Lord Supreme, Do teach me my life’s new lessons.
Oh Lord supreme, may my expectation-heart meet with satisfaction-bliss.

In my heart-garden
The flower has blossomed today
And I am placing it
At the Feet of my Beloved Supreme.