Parichayaka Hammerl: "Desire Monopolizes, Aspiration Harmonizes"

Last modified March 13, 2006

I cannot say enough good things about Parichayaka’s music. His talent is so obvious to me, it gives me great joy to hear his music, whether it is an arrangement of Sri Chinmoy’s music, as in this recording, or his own original compositions, which we will post shortly on this site.

Parichayaka’s music has quite a few good qualities: freshness, newness, openness, dynamism, and ultra-positive energy. Besides these admirable qualities, his musical imagination is boundless; he freely combines elements of Classical, New Age and Popular music with ease. His musical imagination is fertile, his talent for orchestration is unique; quite mature, considering he has been doing orchestrations for a short time.

It is with a sense of admiration and pride that we post this musical offering.

– Kamalakanta Nieves

Artist: Parichayaka Hammerl
Release year: 2006
Duration: 2:36
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Parichayaka
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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