Parichayaka Hammerl is a talented musician, who has been making musical arrangements for many years, some of them based on Sri Chinmoy’s compositions, others of his own creation.

Over the years, his compositions have been used as soundtracks for videos and documentaries, and as musical accompaniment for international conferences and award ceremonies.

In this collection of four tracks, Parichayaka composes his own arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music using a variety of different instruments. Some of these tracks featured here are used in the Jewels of Happiness audiobook, which features writings of Sri Chinmoy read out by many of his friends and admirers, includeing Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Carl Lewis and Roberta Flack.

He also comes from a musical family, and has recently started performing concerts with his three sisters, such as this concert in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2015.