On 27 August 2016, New York disciples of Sri Chinmoy performed this joyful arrangement of songs about Puerto Rico. The arrangement was in honour of the 50th anniversary of the first Sri Chinmoy Centre, which was established in Puerto Rico during 1966.

Just two years after Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West, Puerto Rico was very receptive to Sri Chinmoy’s teaching and yoga, and it became the first location to establish a centre where students gathered to follow the teachings of Sri Chinmoy. In Puerto Rico, Sri Chinmoy experienced many significant firsts – such as his first tv appearance and his first newspaper article.

New York was the second centre to be established after Puerto Rico.

Lyrics to two songs about Puerto Rico

O my Puerto Rico, O my Puerto Rico,
Your kindness-life I fail to measure;
Your oneness-heart I truly treasure.
O my Puerto Rico, O my Puerto Rico,
Long before others cared,
You and your heart dared
To love me and feed me
With your soul’s ecstasy.

Source: [2]

Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico!
Simplicity, humility, consciousness-flow.
God the Compassion, your Pilot.
With your child-heart Him you have caught.

Source [1]

O my Puerto Rico [1]

O my Puerto Rico!
Your soul is Beauty’s flow,
Your heart is Duty’s glow.

O my Puerto Rico!
Your simple life of Truth
Is God’s Perfection-Ruth.

To you I bow, to you I bow,
In our Lord’s Eternity-Now.
To you I bow, to you I bow,
O my Puerto Rico!

– Sri Chinmoy

The arrangement was produced and directed by Paree Atkins with many musicians and singers taking part in this celebration of both Sri Chinmoy’s 85th birthday and also the 50th anniversary of the first Puerto Rico centre.


  • Puerto Rico Sri Chinmoy Centre
  • The first centre was in 1966 initially called the AUM centre, there is mention of the new centre in this edition of AUM magazine from September 1966