Radio interview at Swiss National Radio

Last modified February 15, 2016

During an interview on the Swiss National Radio in Bern, Sri Chinmoy talks about music and the spiritual significance of music.

In this engaging interview, which took place during Sri Chinmoy’s European tour in 1989, Sri Chinmoy talks about different aspects of music – such as the source of his music, the spiritual significance of music, and the instruments he plays.
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“Music is the universal language. Music helps us to understand one another.”

“The source of my music is spirituality. Spirituality means my sincere hunger, my inner hunger for God’s Compassion.”

– Sri Chinmoy (unofficial quotes from interview)

1989 European Tour

In 1989 Sri Chinmoy completed a whirlwind peace tour of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The trip began on March 31st with a Peace Concert at Schloss Wilhelminenberg in Vienna, Austria. On April 1st Sri Chinmoy gave a morning lecture entitled “My Success-Life and My Progress-Life“ at the university of Vienna. Later that evening, he gave a peace concert at Vienna’s Kurhalle Oberlaa which included an evening lecture, entitled “Surrender”.

Concert CKG_Ludwigshafen_Friedrich-Ebert-Halle_Tota-a-Tune_P_1200 dpi_9x13cm_3 April 1989

Playing Tote-a-Tune at concert at Ludwigshafen Friedrich Ebert Halle on April 3th 1989 in Germany.

The next day he offered a meditation at a Zurich convent where he answered questions from the nuns and performed songs he composed on Jesus Christ. On April 3 he taped an interview with Swiss National Radio in Bern and met with Swiss Federal Councillor Flavio Cotti, who told him, “The service you perform for mankind is very important and of very high value.”

On the evening of April 3, the Master gave a peace concert at Ludwigshafen, Germany and gave a lecture called “Happiness” at Friedrich Ebert Halle. The following day he offered a lecture named “My Passport“ and concert at the University of Heidelberg.

On April 4 he also met and lifted into the air 1986 Nobel-prize-winning physicist.

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