Sangit Tarangini

Last modified April 6, 2008

This CD by “Sangit Tarangini” (which means music ripples) is a compilation from three concerts offered in Puerto Rico in the year 2000.

These concerts were commissioned by Sri Chinmoy, to honor three illustrious Puerto Ricans who were his dear friends: Pablo Casals (Born in Spain in 1872 but residing in Puerto Rico from 1956 until his death in 1973), Luis A, Ferré (Ex-Governor, a great patron of the arts, founder of the Ponce International Arts Musem, a world-class museum with extensive art collections), and Hon. Rafaél Hernández Colón (Ex-Governor who conferred on Sri Chinmoy the Puerto Rico’s highest award). It is worth noting that Don Luis A. Ferré was also an excellent classical pianist.

The first concert, in honor of Pablo Casals, was offered at the San Ignacio de Loyola High School. The second concert, in honor of Don Luis A. Ferré, was offered at the Ponce International Art Museum, and the third concert, in honor of Hon. Rafaél Hernández Colón, was offered at the Ponce History Museum.

Sukhendu Martín is the Director of this band, which was formed originally in 1983 at Sri Chinmoy’s request. Sukhendu plays the tablas and plays the Timpani with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. Other members of the band include Narayani Tirado, who plays cello with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra; Premik Russell Tubbs, a world-class Jazz flute and sax player, arranger, producer and composer; Voirabh Lewis Kahn, a Jiulliard graduate who plays violin and trombone and has toured extensively with Tito Puente and the Fania All Star Orchestras; Saral Opera, a classically-trained trumpet and flugelhorn player; and Kamalakanta Nieves, arranger and keyboard player (amateur).

Sangit Tarangini aims to share the inner joy and light present in Sri Chinmoy’s melodies, while at the same time presenting them in a Western setting. The band combines elements of Classical, Jazz, New Age and Latin styles.

We hope that seekers around the world will be inspired by this musical offering.

Artist: Sangit Tarangini
Release year: 2007
Duration: 1:02:05
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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1 Comment

  1. Dear Friends

    Liebe spirituelle Freunde und Freundinnen!
    Danke, dass ich Eure Musik für Meditation on Ice verwenden darf.
    Alles signalisiert. Vermerkt.
    Sangit Tarngini und Arthada and friends eignen sich sehr und natürlich Flötenoriginale von Sri Chinmoy.
    “Dove” allen voran.
    Eure Sarasvati Shakti
    Liebe Grüsse an Antaranga aus Österreich
    Nadia von Gunthitas Gruppe Mountain Silence bedankt sich auch sehr für Arthada and Friends Sound. Toooool!!!


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