Soulful Recitation by Bhashwar and Karabi

Last modified June 9, 2013

Bhashwar and Karabi offer a soulful recitation of 27 poems written by Sri Chinmoy. The recited poems are mainly taken from a book “If I could start my life once more.”

Celebrating their 40th Anniversary on Sri Chinmoy’s Path, Bhashwar and Karabi offered a soulful recitation of Sri Chinmoy’s poems. In the background we hear Vapushtara playing an improvisation/arrangement interpretation of Sri Chinmoy’s songs.

All of us present at this performance felt moved and honored to be a part of this moment. The heartfelt soulfulness was palpable, and made our group meditation function very special. For many years Bhashwar and Karabi thrilled us with their athletic ability (both are champion sprinters). Now their recitation lets us feel the soulfulness that is the foundation of their inner and outer life.

We are very grateful to Bhashwar and Karabi for this soulful offering.

Artist: Bhashwar and Karabi
Name: Soulful Recitation
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 2013
Duration: app. 12 minutes
Uploaded: Kamalakanta Nieves / Tejvan Pettinger
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Bhaswar and Karabi, Vapushtara (music)

Sri Chinmoy Library: If I could start my life once more
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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