Dear Friends, it is with great pleasure that we bring you this collection of performances by students of Sri Chinmoy from the Spring of 2007.

Meditation and creativity are intertwined. When we pray and meditate, we enter into a deeper, more intuitive part of our being. We go beyond the mind, into the Fountain of all art, music and life within us.

Along with art, sports and literature, music plays a large role in the activities of the Sri Chinmoy Centres. Since Sri Chinmoy has composed more than 13,000 Bengali songs and nearly 7,000 English songs, his students from the different meditation centres around the world have much to choose from. Coming from different cultures, they arrange Sri Chinmoy’s melodies according to their own traditions and sensibilities.

Music has the capacity to elevate our consciousness, and also to go beyond the barriers that usually separate us. Since it comes from the heart, it resonates in the heart of others as well, where we find our common humanity.

We hope you enjoy this collection of performances.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy Students
Release year: 2007
Duration: 37 minutes
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Image: Pranlobha Kalagian