Favourite Indian songs by Tagore and Kamalakanta

Last modified October 27, 2018

As well as being a prolific composer in his own right, Sri Chinmoy was a lover of the songs of Indian composers such as the Nobel Prize-winning Rabindranath Tagore (pictured), having learnt them from his childhood. Rintu Chakravarty, a student of his who sings these particular recordings, would often sing these songs for Sri Chinmoy, and sometimes

Sri Chinmoy would join in.

These three songs were sung by Rintu for the enjoyment of his fellow students of Sri Chinmoy:

  • Amar mata nato kare dao by Tagore, was written in 1906 as part of Gitanjali, the poetry collection which would win Tagore the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.
  • Amar sadh na mithilo by the famous 18th century singer Kamalakanta. Sri Chinmoy loved this particular song and indeed would often sing it himself in concerts.
  • Ami khan pete roy by Tagore

The first two songs are very devotional in nature, and bring the singer (and hopefully the listener!) closer to the Mother aspect of the Divine.

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Video: Sri Chinmoy spontaneously joins in a performance of Rintu singing Tumi nirmala karo by Tagore

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