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Last modified August 9, 2020

In this recording from 1981, Sri Chinmoy sings several of his favourite songs over a 15 minute period. Sri Chinmoy sings both powerfully and soulfully and seamlessly transitions from one song to the next with barely a pause in between.

Sri Chinmoy offered this special singing performance after giving a talk at Cambridge University in May 1981 on “Progress Delight”.

Some of the songs Sri Chinmoy sang include

  • Hiya pakhi
  • Sundara madhumoy
  • Bela chale jai
  • Phule phule dule
  • Jiban debata
  • Nrityer tale tale tumi aso
  • Bhulite diyona
  • Phire chalo

Translation of Phule phule dule

We carry flowers of beauty and delight.
We dance and dance
On Eternity’s road.
We know not
Where we come from
And where we shall go.
O my World-Pilot,
Do save Your Boat Supreme.


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