Sri Chinmoy Sings – Volume 3

Last modified October 21, 2007

We continue with our offering of Sri Chinmoy‘s early vocal recordings with Sri Chinmoy Sings, Vol. 3. In this recording, Sri Chinmoy sings seven Bengali songs and also recites the English translation of the poem.


As a Yogi and as a poet, Sri Chinmoy identifies with humanity’s sufferings. Therefore, in his devotional songs, he expresses different moods and experiences that Truth-seekers and God-lovers go through on their way to the Ultimate Goal.

Sometimes the seeker might feel that the goal is within easy grasp; other times it may seem far away. Sometimes the seeker will feel that the heart is full of delight; other times, as one of these songs expresses, that “an infinite expanse of darkness covers the life of my consciousness”.

Yet within these two opposing states of consciousness, the effort of the seeker is not lost; the Goal is approaching the seeker, even as the seeker approaches the Goal.

We include here the translations for all the songs in this recording:

Jedike Phirai Ankhi
Whichever way I cast my glance
I hear someone whispering.
Time is passing by,
All human beings hopeless and helpless.
I keep my eyes shut.
I have nothing more to hear.
Time is passing by.
Alas, I know not why and how
I am so helplessly and totally lost.

Bela Hale Chale Jabe
If it was decided that when the final hour strikes
You will go back sailing Your Boat,
Why then did You come singing to this world?
If You do not carry me in Your Boat, no harm.
Do grant me the boon
To invoke You always and sing Your Victory-Song.

Rupar Tarani Bahiya
Sailing the boat of silver light,
The moon-beauty is fast approaching me.
The sky is vibrating with sweet and melodious songs.
The birds are flying beyond the horizon
To an unknown land.
All my hopes are flying without any destination.
Slowly my life’s evening sets in.

Upartato Dekha Gela Kebal Shudhu
I have been upstairs.
There is nothing but confusion-din.
Let us dive deep within
And see what we can discover
In Reality’s Consciousness-water.
Life, we have tasted.
It is nothing but deception-destruction.
Let us now enter into the world of death
And observe what it is.
Why should death remain unnoticed
And undiscovered?

Bedanai Bhara Chetana Amar
An infinite expanse of darkness
Covers the life of my consciousness,
Filled with excruciating pangs.
The light of my life, the darkness of my death –
All, all at Your Feet I have now exhausted.
In the sea of peace, my thirsty heart
Has discovered today Nectar-Delight.

Bidai Bela Hiyar Kela
It is Farewell-Time.
The play of the heart will now begin.
The Banner of divine Love will fly today
In the boundless sky.
The sun, the moon,
The deathless consciousness,
Infinity’s secret wealth,
The World-Lord’s very Feet,
Far Heaven’s Blessing-Message,
The flood of liberation,
The Abode of Divine Nectar,
All will be united in the heart of our world.

Charan Pheligo Jiban Chande Nachiya
I am walking along the road of ecstasy.
My life has grown into
The delight of Cosmic Dance.
I have transformed
Even the meaningless dust of earth
Into the heights of God-Glory.
Behold! Heaven’s Beauty and Light
Are no match for my achievements
Sweetly here on earth.
My eternity’s companion
Is my Lord’s Existence-Delight.

Bhulite Diyona Prabhu
Lord, allow me not to forget You.
If ever I forget You,
Do torture my heart ruthlessly.
If excruciating pangs shall compel me
To forget You,
Do awaken me with Your infinite Compassion.
My Lord,
If ever the sleep of death attacks me,
Do come and protect me.
Do remain inside my sleeping heart.
I have not asked You for anything
Meaningful and fruitful.
Do allow me not to forget You.

There is a beautiful, sweet feeling to this recording! Our gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for this soulful and illumining offering.

Kamalakanta Nieves
July 2006

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: ‘Sri Chinmoy Sings Volume 3’
Related: Sri Chinmoy Sings Volume 1
Year of publication: 1978
Duration: 28:25
Tracks uploaded and published: Kamalakanta Nieves, July 2006.
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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