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Last modified October 21, 2007

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We continue this week’s episode with two more stories from Sri Chinmoy’s collection Great Indian Meals written in January of 1979. These stories are mostly taken from the rich tradition of Indian storytelling that has been passed on from generation to generation. Here Sri Chinmoy gives his own account of some well-known tales, many of which he heard growing up in a small Indian village in south Bengal. Two guests join me this week; Dinesha Richardson returns again, and for the first time Muslim Badami.

In Progress Is The Presence of Vishnu
A touching story about the great celestial sage Narada who becomes confused about whether it is really necessary to worship Lord Vishnu. “If he is really inside my heart then why do I have to worship him?” he cries. Finally Lord Shiva gives him some helpful advice.

The Death Of The King
Jealousy leads to the unthinkable when a King can stand no longer in the shadow of his noble brother. Driven to the final solution by his evil advisors, the King Rama Gupta stakes his claim for more glory, name and fame.


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