Acapella meditation music performances, 2018

Last modified October 5, 2018

Paree’s International Singing Group was started by Sri Chinmoy when many of the members were just children. The group has now been singing his songs acapella for over 35 years, and their soulful performances are a frequent highlight of Sri Chinmoy’s students’ group meditations, and also of the concerts we offer to the public around the world.

Singing is an indispensible part of the spiritual path that Sri Chinmoy laid out for his students. Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 songs in both his Bengali mother-tongue and English. He asked that his students sing certain songs every day, and that good singers could sing many more! He often praised and corrected his students on different aspects of their singing.

You are giving me such joy by singing the songs! You may not know the meaning of the Bengali words, but your soul and your heart know the meaning. That is why you are able to sing these songs so beautifully, so soulfully. Your heart and your soul know the meaning. They are singing in and through you all, singing and singing. Soulful and prayerful singing is in no way inferior to prayers and meditations.

Any time you sing my songs, please use your heart-feeling first, not your mind-brilliance…Soulfulness has to be at the forefront. Among my disciples, whoever sings any song of mine must give importance to soulfulness first and foremost. I am a composer of soulfulness. Inside soulfulness, if some songs are supposed to have power, then kindly sing with power; but no song should be sung without soulfulness.

These performances come from our annual Christmas Trip, which took place in Cambodia earlier this year.

Sri Chinmoy’s writings used in this article come from the book My golden children

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