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Last modified October 18, 2018

Om Shanti was recorded in the fall of 2005 in Vienna, Austria by Arthada & Friends, a group of Austrian students of Sri Chinmoy that have arranged many of his songs for Eastern and Western instruments.

The album contains simple, haunting and soulful songs which touch the soul of the listener, as well as dynamic flowing songs with instrumental solos.

During the recording sessions, the musicians meditated before each performance in order to endeavour to bring to the fore the meditative and soulful quality which is the essence of Sri Chinmoy’s music.

“Music helps the spiritual seeker to go deep within to get the utmost satisfaction from life, from truth, from reality. The spiritual life, in turn, helps music to offer its capacity and its strength, which is the soul’s light, to the world at large.”

– Sri Chinmoy, God the Supreme Musician, Agni Press, 1976

All songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy, except track number three, Guru Brahma, an ancient Sanskrit mantra set to music by Sri Chinmoy.

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