Meditation music from Sri Chinmoy’s students 2018

Last modified October 14, 2018

This compilation of new music from Sri Chinmoy’s students offers a selection from albums published in 2018. In total there are 16 tracks from eight different albums, which gives a glimpse into the different arrangements and interpretations of Sri Chinmoy’s musical compositions.

It includes – a powerful solo acapella singing performance by Adarsha (on Oneness Dream) to more dynamic instrumental recordings from groups like Dinesh’s group, and the ethereal music of Heart-Garden-Birds.

We hope you enjoy this selection of recordings and find new music to enjoy!

Lyrics from track 14  – You Tell Me

You tell me that you do not want
To fall any more.
You want to rise, only rise.
I tell you the secret of secrets:
This moment cry like a child,
Next moment smile like a child.
This is the way you can rise and rise
At every moment.

– Sri Chinmoy, from Impossibility Bows, Sri Chinmoy Songs

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Albums and groups featured in this selection

Rangiye De Ma
Tuscany tour 2017
Reykjavik Centre
Many, many lives ago
Dinesh Group
7 Hours in the Temple
Heart-Garden Birds
I Wish to Fly
Mago Amar
Peace on Earth
Symphonic Dreams 2.

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