Two soulful songs from Agnikana’s Group, from a live performance on New Year’s Eve during a recent gathering of Sri Chinmoy’s students in Montenegro. The group normally perform arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s songs on a wide variety of instruments, but these two songs were sung accompanied only by harmonium.

The first song was set to music by Sri Chinmoy from his poem They will help you, which was published in Transcendence-Perfection, a collection of 843 poems that Sri Chinmoy wrote in a 24 hour period.

Words to the first song:

Your soul will help you
To see God.
Stay in your soul.
Your God will help you
To love your soul.
Stay in your God.

– Sri Chinmoy

The second song Khama karo is based on the theme of forgiveness.

Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Performers: Agnikana’s Group
Date: Winter 2017/18
Music edit: Celana Dimitrijevik